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Can Yoga Help My Menopause Symptoms? The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 10
Libby Stevenson, Yoga Instructor & Wellbeing Practitioner

What do you think about yoga? Are you a regular devotee; is it something you do occasionally, or do you secretly think this is something for other people? If yoga’s something you’ve discounted or let slide in your wellbeing journey so far, you might want to think again. Tune in to hear what my latest guest has to say about the multiple benefits for women in midlife, menopause and beyond.

Meet Libby Stevenson! She’s a yoga instructor and therapeutic wellbeing practitioner for women, with a special interest in midlife and menopause. Libby’s own journey of discovery into yoga inspired her to train as an instructor and to gain specialist certification in the areas she’s passionate about. So she’s just the person we need to tell us more about this wonderful practice.

In this episode we drill down into the different ways that yoga can support our health and wellbeing during menopause. We discuss the role that yoga can play in supporting the nervous system and reducing stress levels, really underpinning our mental health at a stage in life when we can be feeling a little fragile.

There are a range of physical benefits too, from improving flexibility, stamina and balance and helping to build bone and muscle strength to reducing hot flushes and supporting sleep.

Find out why yoga is for everyone, regardless of your shape, weight, flexibility and fitness. You won’t regret giving it a try, I promise!

Show Notes

Visit Libby’s website to find out more about  her work, to book in for a 1:1 session or to join one of her courses.

Follow Libby on Instagram.

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Libby Stevenson is a yoga instructor and therapeutic wellbeing practitioner for women at different stages of life: from pregnancy to postnatal and all the way to the menopause.

She is a Head of Yoga & Lifestyle Masterclasses for Harley Street at Home Menopause – the first online wellness community specifically for women over 40. Libby has been quoted in The Telegraph, Psychologies magazine, Hip & Healthy, Apartment Therapy,  Stylist magazine and mentioned in Sheerluxe for best online yoga classes for women. She was interviewed by UK Health Radio and she has featured in a number of podcasts.

Libby was an expert pod host for the Peanut app and an ambassador and yoga content creator for  Mojo Wellbeing, a subsidiary of Unilever.  She was nominated for an influencer award in the category of Lifestyle & Wellbeing by the Magnified Influencer Awards committee in August 2022.

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