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Shining a Spotlight on the Sandwich Generation – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 2 • Episode 14
Katie Taylor, Founder of The Latte Lounge

We’re the sandwich generation. That group of –  let’s face it – mostly women, who are caught in the middle between caring for elderly parents and supporting our children, whatever age they might be. That’s a big burden to be carrying and multigenerational needs have grown even more acute during the pandemic, so that a previously heavy load may have now become intensely pressured and stressful. Add that to the perimenopause and menopause, and you have an explosive combination as the physical, mental and emotional strain starts to tell. Today’s guest has made it her business to shine a spotlight on the sandwich generation, providing support and guidance via her online community to release the pressure valve at this difficult time.

Meet Katie Taylor, founder of The Latte Lounge and a woman who has definitely earned her menopause spurs, because she suffered debilitating perimenopausal symptoms for 4 years, which were misdiagnosed as depression and forced her to give up 3 much loved jobs. It was this experience that inspired her to set up the Latte Lounge Facebook Group, to provide support and guidance to women in midlife so they don’t waste quality years of their life as she did. Katie has reached out to medical, health and wellbeing experts to create an advice hub on the Latte Lounge website, where she can signpost her members to evidence-based, practical information and support. The  membership which is currently at 20,000 and growing, is a real testament to the power of the sisterhood and shows just how important it is for we women in the sandwich generation to have a support community.

We discuss the challenges of the perimenopause and how hormonally-driven psychological symptoms may lead to an inappropriate prescription for antidepressants. Katie explains the importance of community and how reaching out for relevant advice from health experts and moral support from friends, family and colleagues can make a huge difference to women in midlife. The main takeaway here is not to suffer alone if you’re struggling with menopause or perimenopause symptoms. Katie is a one-woman powerhouse and her tale is an inspiring one, so tune in to find out more about her campaign to support women in midlife and how you might benefit.

Show Notes

If you’d like to find out more about Katie and the work that she does, join her Latte Lounge Facebook group.

Visit her website for access to the Latte Lounge health experts.

Follow Latte Lounge on Instagram and Twitter.

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