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Nutrition Made Easy For Busy People

WellWellWell Nutrition Programmes

Please note that all clinical sessions will be run remotely, via Zoom. 

It’s not always easy to establish a new dietary habit which is why my nutrition programmes provide a combination of expert nutritional advice with coaching support. Once we start working together, I’ll be totally committed to helping you achieve your health goal.

The length of each programme will vary, depending on your status and what you want to achieve, but they will typically last for 6-12 weeks which is usually the period of time required to see a step change in health and well-being.

If you’re not sure which programme’s right for you it might be helpful to consider how much active support and coaching you think you might need. Contact me  to arrange a FREE, no-obligation 20-minute telephone assessment. I’ll give you a few nutrition tips to take away and we can discuss your health goal and help you decide whether a WellWellWell nutrition programme is right for you.

1-Hour Nutrition & Health MOT – £150

If you’re looking for one-off support, book in for a nutrition and health MOT which we can run remotely, via an online video link.  After your 60-minute clinical assessment, you’ll receive a personalised report with your nutrition action plan, meal planner and food diary analysis.  If you feel that you’d benefit from ongoing advice, the fee can be offset against one of the more extensive Nutrition Programmes, if you decide to convert within 4 weeks.

12-Week Nutrition Programmes 

Programme £399

You want to overhaul your diet, keep in shape or boost your energy levels.

You have a busy lifestyle and are looking for some expert advice and practical support to make the changes.

You’re confident you’ll be able to run with the programme once you get started.

Package Includes

  • Initial case analysis and clinical health assessment (1 hour)
  • Your personal action plan
  • 2 x 1-hour follow-up consultations spread over up to 12 weeks
  • 2 x 20-minute coaching calls

Programme £799

You’ve decided that now is the time to focus on a niggling health issue that’s been bothering you.

You know that you’d benefit from coaching support with regular and flexible contact time to suit our busy schedule.

You want to take a proactive approach to your health and take control of your diet and lifestyle

Package Includes

  • Initial case analysis and clinical health assessment (90 minutes)
  • Your personal action plan
  • 5 hours of clinical time structured to suit you over a 12-week period e.g. regular short calls, coaching sessions or video consultations
  • Weekly food diary analysis

Programme  £1,299

You’ve been struggling with  symptoms such as anxiety, hot flushes, fatigue or  mood swings. Or you’re keen to manage post-menopausal issues including bone density, intimate health and cardiovascular status.

You’d benefit from a detailed analysis of your sex and adrenal hormones and your organic status to identify the appropriate therapeutic approach.

You’re looking for expert nutritional advice combined with personalised coaching support and a bespoke approach.

Package Includes

  • Initial case analysis and health assessment (90 minutes)
  • Your personal action plan
  • A DUTCH urine test to establish hormone status
  • Bespoke support, as required, over a 12-week period including video consultations, 5-minute check-in calls, coaching sessions, guided shopping (within London), kitchen detox
  • Unlimited email support over 12 weeks
  • A nutrition resource pack, including a copy of my nutrition books: The Happy Menopause, The Right Bite and Va Va Voom and a personal discount code for my Menopause retreats
  • Weekly food diary analysis