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Good Mood Food to Beat the Menopause Blues – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 7
Jackie Lynch, Nutritionist & Author

In this episode I’m focusing on good mood foods, because there is no doubt that what we eat can have a huge impact on our brain and cognitive function.

Mood swings, anxiety and brain fog are incredibly common issues for women in their early 40s onwards, which can come as an unwelcome surprise. And while there’s no doubt that your hormones are playing a big part in this, the right diet and lifestyle can play a huge part in helping correct the balance so that you get your brain back on an even keel.

I’ve decided to go solo for this podcast so I can focus specifically on my own area of expertise, which is nutrition. I’m sharing 8 ways that your food choices can help to calm your nerves, regulate your mood and clear your brain, so that your neurotransmitters are fully fired up!

Tune in to find out why it’s important to boost the B’s, maximise magnesium, power up the protein and be good to your gut and I’ll give you some practical tips on how to do all that. I set a fun foodie challenge for you as well – you’ll have to listen in to find out what that is, but I promise that you’ll enjoy it!

Show Notes

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