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Finding Passion, Purpose & Profit in Midlife – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 2 • Episode 3
Laurie Wright, Master Neuro Coach & Business Mentor

September is the perfect time to be thinking about new beginnings and of course midlife can often provide an opportunity for a whole new perspective too. As reproductive hormones subside, you’ll have the headspace to become more aware of yourself and to focus on your own choices, so it can be a time of big change. Many women decide to step away from the corporate world at this time to work independently or start their own business. So if you’re ready to do things differently and are looking for a new way to live and a little confidence boost to encourage you, this is the perfect episode for you. I’m speaking to Master Neuro Coach and Business Mentor Laurie Wright who’s made it her mission to ensure that nobody gets to the end of their life and has any regrets!

Laurie is also known as Not Your Average Grandma but there’s certainly nothing average about her! She’s a certified Master Neuro Coach and Business Mentor who focuses on helping empty nesters find passion, purpose and profit in their life. Queen of the Midlife Transformation, she’s drawn on her extensive experience of a busy corporate role and her own personal and professional journey in midlife to develop a highly successful coaching business. Laurie teaches women how to discover what lights them up and then how to create a business around that passion, so that they’ll never dread another Monday. This could be the start of something big for you, so let’s hear what she’s got to say.

We discuss Laurie’s extraordinary journey and her own personal midlife transformation which will have you absolutely gripped! She’s an absolute inspiration and a truly dynamic woman. One thing that especially struck me is when she said “Don’t ever use age as an excuse not to make your life better”. There’s a shot in the arm, if ever I heard one! Can you afford NOT to listen if you want to get your life onto a happy and fulfilling path through midlife and beyond.

Show Notes

Find out more about Laurie and the work that she does on her Not Your Average Grandma website.

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