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Done With Dieting? Managing a Healthy Weight in Midlife – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 13
Elizabeth Sherman, Life & Weight Loss Coach

Are you fed up with dieting and not making any progress with weight loss? Manging a healthy weight in midlife can be a real minefield and it’s incredibly disheartening if despite your best efforts you’re not really getting anywhere. The female body is complicated and the cocktail of hormones around the menopause can make it a real uphill battle to keep in shape. We often find that the tried and trusted methods of the past don’t really work for us now, so what can we do about that? Surely there’s a better way? Well, there is! And I’ve got just the woman to help us with it in this month’s podcast.

In this episode I chat to Elizabeth Sherman, a life and weight-loss coach who supports women through the hormonal shifts of the perimenopause and menopause and who’s made it her business to guide them through the challenges of managing a healthy  weight in midlife. She’s also the host of the excellent Done With Dieting podcast which is for all of us who are looking to manage our health, wellbeing and weight in a way that’s successful and sustainable.

We discuss the ups and downs of weight management in menopause; explore the issues around emotional eating with Elizabeth’s expert advice for managing this; and we look at the 8 healthy habits you need to get in place to support a healthy weight in midlife. Chatting to Elizabeth was a really helpful reminder of just how complex our body is and why we need to be giving it the best possible support through the menopause and beyond.

Show Notes

To find out more about Elizabeth and her coaching programmes, visit her website.

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and Twitter.

Listen to Elizabeth’s Done With Dieting? podcast.

Download Elizabeth’s Eight Basic Habits Guide that we discuss in the podcast.


Elizabeth Sherman is a Master Certified Health & Life Coach who profoundly cares about and supports women experiencing discomfort due to peri/menopause as well as all of the other stressful demands that seem to accompany this season of life:

– the physical changes that go along with this phase of life and aging

– the emotional demands that accompany our changing family structures

– the physiological changes of how our body responds to external stimulus

– the mental load that we carry as we change our identity and how we see ourselves in the world

Elizabeth hosts a weekly podcast called Done with Dieting: a podcast for the woman who, in spite of all of these demands, has been socialized to focus on her appearance, selflessly do for others, and in doing so becomes the best supporting actress in the movie of her own life.

Elizabeth is a Chicago native, but now conducts her coaching business as an Expat in Mexico, and meets with her clients through video: focusing on the areas of health: eating, moving, stress and sleep management, body image and how we think about them through a DEI & feminist lens.

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