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52 Ways to Walk Your Way to Health – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 12
Annabel Streets, Author & Researcher

Walking is something that’s accessible to almost all of us and it can be a much less daunting prospect to the harassed midlife woman than high impact work, running or intense training. What’s wonderful about the research we discuss in this episode is that walking isn’t a second-best option if you’re not up to other forms of exercise. It’s much, much more than that and we discuss the very many ways that different types of walking can benefit us – something I’d never really thought about before, even though I often recommend a daily walk to women in my nutrition clinic.  But walking in different weathers, at different speeds, in different terrain and with a different mindset can all bring different health benefits.

My guest in this episode is the wonderful Annabel Streets, who’s an award-winning writer of highly researched fiction and non-fiction. She’s an absolute genius at translating complex research into simple and manageable habits that we can include in our everyday life. We discuss her latest book 52 Ways to Walk – The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy, One Week at a Time. Her books (sometimes written under the name Annabel Abbs) have been translated into over 30 languages. Her most recent books include 52 Ways to Walk (Bloomsbury), Windswept: Why Women Walk (Two Roads) and The Language of Food (Simon and Schuster). She is also co-founder of the Age-Well Project blog and co-author of The Age-Well Project: Easy Ways to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life (Piatkus).

There are multiple health benefits associated with long, short, slow and brisk walks. A range of positive effects are associated with the weather and the environments you walk in, and we discuss the impact of a cold walk, walking in the sunshine and strolling by water or through trees. Annabel explains the impact that tuning up our wayfinding skills could have on our risk of dementia and she also describes how to walk as you work.

It’s a truly fascinating discussion and I’ve been excited about recording this podcast since I received the book. I’m confident you’re going to enjoy hearing from Annabel, as much as I did, and I hope you enjoy discovering new and different ways to walk your way to health.

Show Notes

Find out more about Annabel  via her website. Check out her book 52 Ways to Walk – The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy.

Check out Annabel’s magnificent blog The Age Well Project and The Age Well Project book that she co-wrote with Susan Saunders.

Discover Annabel’s books written as Annabel Abbs:

Windswept: Why Women Walk
The Language of Food
Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen
The Joyce Girl
Frieda: The Original Lady Chatterley


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