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Best Bits #3 – How to Have Great Hair

Best Bits • #3
Dr Sharon Wong, Consultant Dermatologist & Hair Specialist

Welcome to my latest Best Bit, part of my series to celebrate half a million downloads for The Happy Menopause podcast and to give you the chance to catch up on some of the brilliant episodes you may have missed.

We’re looking back at the launch episode for Season 2 for this edition and we’re talking hair! My guest is consultant dermatologist and hair specialist Dr Sharon Wong, who is incredibly generous with her advice.

Dr Sharon Wong specialises in treating hair and scalp disorders and she’s an absolute mine of information, as we find out what influences the growth and condition of our hair and how the menopause affects our hair.

We discuss the different diet, lifestyle and biochemical factors that can affect our hair and Sharon. She explains the best approach to haircare; how often to wash our hair; what to look for in hair products; and how we can optimise the health and strength of our hair.

There really is nothing like listening to an expert talk about their subject. I learned a lot from Sharon in our chat and I’m sure you will too. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, you can find it in Season 2, Episode 1, where there’s even more practical advice to help you take the right approach to your hair care!

If you’re a fan of The Happy Menopause, please tell your friends and family, and do give it a 5-star rating and a short review on Apple podcasts, or whichever platform you listen on. It makes a huge difference to the algorithms which influence the visibility of the podcast, so that more women can find the show. Because every woman deserves to have a happy menopause.

Show Notes

Find out more about Sharon and the work that she does by visiting her website.

Follow Sharon on InstagramFacebook and Twitter/X.

Watch Sharon in action in the new BBC documentary series Skin.

Useful Resources

Visit the NHS website for more advice on hair loss.

Alopecia UK supports people whose lives are affected by alopecia.

Order The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish to read the chapter on nutrition for healthy hair.



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