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Pilates at Your Desk: How to Move More in Menopause – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 5 • Episode 12
Kerrie-Anne Bradley, Pilates Teacher & Author

Are you a sloucher? Do you spend too much time pinned to your desk? Have you started to get a few niggles in your lower back, neck or shoulders? If it’s yes to all of the above, this episode is the one for you, because it’s all about posture, movement and alignment and it’s packed with practical advice to help with all those lurking issues you may have been ignoring or simply putting up with.

My guest is Kerrie-Anne Bradley, former economist turned expert pilates teacher. It was her own experience of too much time at a desk and the subsequent problems with sciatica and other aches and pains that led her to take up pilates.

She was so inspired by the results that she retrained with the renowned Fletcher Pilates School and became a teacher herself. She’s the founder of the brilliant Pilates at Your Desk and Move More at Your Desk programmes, including an excellent book of the same name. There’s not much Kerrie-Anne doesn’t know about movement and alignment – in fact she puts me through my paces in this interview, so please join in the fun!

Kerrie-Anne takes us through her journey to resolve her own aches and pains and explains how pilates made a material difference to her. She also shares a range of simple exercises that you can do at your desk to help deal with neck or shoulder pain; lower back issues, and tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Most of them are subtle movements that you can do in the office without anyone really noticing, which is an added bonus, if you want to be discreet.

It really was a pleasure to chat to Kerrie-Anne and I already know that I’m taller and straighter as a result!

Show Notes

Find out more about Kerrie-Anne by visiting her website, where you can book a personal session, a workplace session or book in for one of her online classes.

Check out her excellent book: Move More at Your Desk: Increase Your Energy at Work and Reduce Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain.

Follow Kerrie-Anne on Instagram.


After 10 years at a desk working as an economist, Kerrie-Anne Bradley discovered pilates due to a whole range of issues, such as sciatica, stiff neck, bad shoulder and dodgy knee. She went on to become a Fletcher School-trained Pilates teacher, author and movement enthusiast! Passionate about helping people create better and freer movement within the body, she shares her Pilates At Your Desk moves with offices around the world. Kerrie-Anne truly believes that we should move in ways that make us smile and is determined to get us all moving more

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