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Foods to Support a Healthy Immune Function – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 7
Ed Joy, Herbalist & Naturopath

Now that November is here, the cold and flu season is well underway and many of you have probably already succumbed to some sort of lurgy by now. And with the spectre of Covid 19 still lurking, supporting our immune system is very much on the agenda right now, which is why I’ve dedicated this episode to foods that can keep you and your family fighting fit and I’ve found the perfect guest for this.

In this episode, I’m welcoming herbalist Ed Joy back to the podcast. He’s a specialist in herbal medicine with over 20 years’ experience and he weaves a combination of homeopathy, naturopathy and nutrition into his work, taking a truly holistic approach. My interview with him on a Herbal Approach to the Menopause was one of the big hits of Season 1 and in this episode I’ll be tapping into his expertise on the different foods that can help our immune system be more robust, because we all need a bit of that right now.

Ed shares his top 3 everyday foods for immune support and gives us the inside track on not just what we should eat, but how we should cook it so that we can maximise the vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content of our food. There are so many culinary tips and tricks that I guarantee you’ll be fascinated by what he has to say.

We take an in-depth look at the role of the gut microbiome in immune health;  discuss the nutritional powerhouse that is broccoli and how to optimise absorption of vitamin C and zinc; explore a whole host of tips around preparing, cooking and storing food; and Ed explains why a finger of ginger every day is just enough to keep you fit and well!

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Show Notes

To find out more about Ed and the work that he does, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Bionutri: check out the naturopathic, food-based supplements company that Ed advised on product development. I’m a big fan of their products.

Aquasol is a herbal tea company that Ed has been working with. Visit the Aquasol website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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