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How to Exercise Effectively in Midlife – Part 2: Exercising in Public Spaces – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 2 • Episode 2
Baz Moffat, Women's Health & Fitness Coach

This interview is Part 2 of my exercise series and is full of brilliant advice from former Team GB rower, medallist and women’s health and fitness coach Baz Moffat on the best ways for women in midlife to exercise. It was actually recorded some months ago, just before lockdown, but much of the advice became irrelevant at that stage because we couldn’t access all those public spaces that we’d discussed. And so we recorded a lockdown special about exercising at home, which is Part 1 of this podcast and aired back in April. But now we’re out and about again and the gyms and fitness centres are open,  it’s time to release this episode, so you can benefit from Baz’s brilliant advice as you launch your autumn fitness regime.

With a lifelong passion for sport and exercise, and a degree and a Masters in sports science and behavioural change, Baz is fully equipped to motivate and support us with our exercise challenges as we transition through the menopause. She specialises in supporting women in midlife and knows exactly what we need to be doing to get fit and stay strong, and how to motivate us to get there.

We discuss all manner of different types of exercise including dancing, swimming, yoga, resistance work and pelvic floor, as well as how to keep active when you’re deskbound.  Whatever your fitness status, Baz is full of simple, practical advice, so tune in for some excellent exercise analysis.

Show Notes

If you’d like to find out more about Baz and the work that she does, visit her Strong to the Core website.

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