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Menopause Whilst Black – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 11
Karen Arthur, Fashion Creative & Menopause diversity Campaigner

What does your menopause look like? The chances are it’s not much like a lot of the media portrayals of the menopause!  With International Women’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to take a closer look at diversity around the menopause, because it doesn’t just happen to the tired-looking grey-haired white woman that seems to take centre stage in so many of the slightly depressing stock shots used in the media.

Every woman goes through menopause and it can happen at any age, although it’s most common in midlife. Some women experience premature menopause, others may have menopause triggered by medical treatment or a surgical intervention.

And women of every ethnicity experience menopause and it’s really important to understand that the timing and some of the symptoms and risk factors can vary quite significantly if you’re black or Asian, for example

If that’s you or one of your loved ones, it’s essential to understand these key differences in order to take positive action and this month’s guest is just the woman to help us with this.

Meet Karen Arthur! She’s a fashion creative, menopause diversity campaigner and host of the ground-breaking podcast Menopause Whilst Black. Karen is also the inspiration behind Wear Your Happy, because she believes passionately in the power of clothing and accessories to enhance your mood and lift your spirits.

In this episode we discuss the different way that black women experience menopause and the challenges that they face. Karen talks through her own experience and the motivation behind creating her Menopause Whilst Black podcast. She’s keen to open up the menopause conversation to women of all ages and ethnicities, taking the conversation out to communities and is doing a brilliant job of it.

Karen is also completely inspirational on the subject of fashion and how what you wear should make you happy. She’s a complete bundle of energy and positivity – tune in to hear her words of wisdom!

Show Notes

Visit Karen’s website to find out more about her and the work that she does.

Listen to her Menopause Whilst Black podcast.

Join the waiting list for Karen’s 2024 Joy Retreat, the FIRST Menopause retreat designed for Black women only.

Follow Karen on Instagram and Facebook.


Karen is a 60 year old mother of two and grandmother to an energetic three year old. A former teacher, she’s a fashion creative, menopause diversity campaigner, model, content creator and speaker who has been honing her craft for over 40 years. She is founder and host of ground-breaking podcast Menopause Whilst Black, has been featured in Vogue, on Channel 4 and Sky Arts and is a welcome guest on platforms speaking on fashion and mental wellbeing as well as the joys of ageing. After residing in the capital for almost four decades Karen has recently relocated to be by the seaside in East Sussex.






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