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Managing a Healthy Weight in Mid Life

Season 1 • Episode 11
Dr Zoe Harcombe, Researcher & Author

It’s that time of year when you might be looking to lose a few pounds which isn’t an easy task for women in midlife. As if the menopause wasn’t tough enough with all the different symptoms you experience, the gradual increase in weight that comes with the menopause can often feel like the last straw! This is the time in life where even women who’ve never had to watch their weight may start to notice that the pounds are creeping on and most women find that it takes a lot more effort to shift a spare tyre than it used to. But help is at hand with this month’s guest: the brilliant Dr Zoe Harcombe joins me to talk through her tips for successful weight loss.

Zoe is a researcher, author and specialist in weight management and obesity. It’s an area she’s always been passionate about, even when she was working full-time as a senior executive for a large blue chip organisation, where she somehow found time to publish 3 books on the subject! In 2007, she left to become a full-time researcher, and this culminated in the publication of The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it? Zoe has also published numerous academic papers and her Harcombe Diet Club is an online community for people who are seeking support in developing a healthier lifestyle. Her advice is definitely worth listening to, so tune in to hear what she’s got to say!

You’ll discover Zoe’s 3-step approach to successful weight management, learn why fat is your friend during the menopause and discover a brilliant new tip to stop to snacking in the evening.

Show Notes

Find out more about Zoe’s research, books and articles by visiting her website.

Follow @ZoeHarcombe on Twitter.

Join the Harcombe Diet Club for practical advice and a weight-loss support community.

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