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How to Manage Hormonal Headaches – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 3 • Episode 3
Professor Anne MacGregor, Specialist in Headache and Women's Health

Tense, nervous headache anyone? Did you know that during our fertile years, women are 3 times more likely to suffer from headaches than men? Up until puberty and then after the menopause, our propensity for headaches is roughly the same as for men, so those pesky hormones have a lot to answer for. If menstrual migraine is an issue for you, then this episode could be just what you need because I’ve called in the big guns to help us out here. I’m speaking to Professor Anne MacGregor who has spent her career studying hormonal headaches and treating women who struggle with them so there is no one better to advise us here.

From her initial doctorate where she explored the role of oestrogen in migraine, Professor Anne MacGregor has gone on to publish over 200 research papers and authored numerous books on the subject. A specialist trainer, researcher and clinician, she’s really pushed the boundaries of research in the area of hormonal headaches and has supported countless women along the way. She is currently based at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and is a British Menopause Society specialist and trainer.

Tune in to find out about Anne’s fascinating journey from her initial research which led to her blazing a trail in the field of hormonal headaches and giving a voice to women who have struggled with this issue for years. We discuss menstrual migraine – what it is, why it happens and what you can do about it; the role of nutrition in brain function; and what to look for in over-the-counter pain relief. There’s so much to learn here and it’s an invaluable episode for anyone who struggles with headaches and migraines.

Show Notes

Find out more about Anne and the work that she does by visiting her website.

Download Anne’s paper on Migraine and HRT written for Women’s Health Concern, the patient arm of the British Menopause Society.

For nutrition advice on managing headaches, pick up your copy of The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish.




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