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How to Sing Your Way Through the Menopause – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 4
Dr Catherine Pestano, Community Musician & Menopause Activist

In this episode, we’re exploring the power of song, because there’s something very joyous about singing and it’s something we can all do and that we can all enjoy, even if you prefer to do it in the privacy of your shower! There are multiple benefits to singing and it can have a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing, so we’ll be discovering how singing can make a difference to you and your menopause symptoms.

My guest is Dr Catherine Pestano, she’s a community musician and mental health social worker with a passion for helping people to free their voices and share in the joy of singing and creative music making, at all levels. Catherine is also a lead adviser for the national Song Therapy training and a long-term member of the natural voice network. And as a menopause activist, she’s very conscious of the positive impact of song as a support for women in midlife and she’s kindly shared her expertise with us.

We discuss all aspects of singing in this podcast and explore the various physical and mental health benefits, as well as the extraordinary support and friendship you can experience from being part of a group singing project. Catherine works with singers of all levels and is incredibly reassuring about the inhibitions we may feel about our own ability to carry a tune or sing as a group. It’s fascinating to hear about the singing therapy she’s involved in and the work she does with people going through midlife hormonal transitions – yes, hormonal changes can affect your voice and your confidence (as we all know!), but with Catherine’s help and encouragement, we can definitely still enjoy the joy of singing.

After chatting to Catherine, I felt hugely motivated to get out there and start singing and I’m sure you will too!

Show Notes

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