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How to Boost Your Libido & Have Great Sex in Midlife – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 1 • Episode 12
Tracey Cox, Sex & Relationship Expert

Low libido is one of those extra little gifts from the menopause which you may not have expected. As sex hormones start to decline, it can have a very real impact on your va va voom and there are lots of ways this might affect you – vaginal dryness might make sex too painful; you may lack body confidence – it’s hard to feel desire for your partner if you’re not feeling very desirable yourself; fatigue or headaches – classic but very real reasons for saying “no thank you” to a nudge from your partner. Low mood, depression or anxiety will directly affect your motivation and all of the above may impact your relationship. If any or all of these are an issue for you, there’s very little chance that any bedroom action is on the cards, but help is at hand with the latest episode of The Happy Menopause!

This podcast is full of simple and practical advice to get your intimate life back on track, as I have a frank conversation with Tracey Cox, who’s one of the world’s foremost writers on sex and relationships. She’s just the woman we need for this subject, because she’s been writing, researching and talking about sex for thirty years and has toured the world as an international sex, body language and relationship expert. Her multiple books include the best-selling Hot Sex: How to Do It and her brand new book Great Sex Starts At 50: How to Age-Proof Your Libido simply has to be the go-to sex and relationship manual for women in midlife.

Tracey has so many brilliant and practical tips that you’re sure to find the solution to whatever challenges you’re facing in the bedroom, and I throw in some nutrition advice to help you tackle low libido.

Show Notes

You can find out more about Tracey by visiting her website Tracey Check out the home page for links to her weekly column for Mail Online. Follow Tracey on Twitter and Instagram.

Buy her book Great Sex Starts at 50: How to Age-Proof Your Libido (Australian listeners can get it via Booktopia)

Visit Love Honey for Her Soft Feel product range of sex toys, designed especially for 50-Plus women and men and anyone who finds sex uncomfortable or painful.

You can listen to The Tracey Cox Show on Jack Radio.

Useful Products & Resources

Try Sylk’s plant-based lubricant, which is water-based, supports the natural pH of your vagina and recommended by the NHS. You can order your free sample via their website.

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