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World Menopause Day Special: Know Your Menopause – How to Spot the Symptoms

Season 1 • Episode 7
Elizabeth Carr-Ellis, Karen Kenning & Clare Shepherd of Pausitivity

It’s World Menopause Day today and we’re celebrating women in midlife with this special episode. There’s no better day to be busting the taboo about discussing the menopause and raising awareness of the different symptoms women experience and the range of solutions available to them, which is why I’m speaking to the brilliant team from Pausitivity. They’ve made it their business to get menopause information out there and have been having a lot of fun long the way. It’s a great story, so tune in and enjoy!

In this episode, I speak to 3 very different women, who’d never met before and who still haven’t met in person. They came together through social media due to their frustration with the lack of menopause information available for women and their determination to do something about it. Karen Kenning, Elizabeth Carr-Ellis and Clare Shepherd are the founders of the Pausitivity poster campaign. They always say, if you want something done ask a busy woman, and the Pausitivity women have certainly got things done! They’ve taken Twitter by storm and are doing quite an amazing job of raising awareness about the menopause.

Listen to their fascinating stories and learn about their journey to get their Know Your Menopause symptom poster in every doctor’s surgery, to raise awareness about a whole range of lesser-known menopause symptoms . Their #PosterSelfie campaign is causing a real stir, receiving support from GPs, MPs, health campaigners and celebrities. They’ve even managed to get several guys on board, including Tony Hadley and Jeremy Vine! It’s an inspiring story and a real testament to the power of positivity and friendship.

Show Notes

Visit the Pausitivity website to find out more about the work that they do. Download the Know Your Menopause poster here and share a #posterselfie , tagging Pausitivity on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Follow Karen Kenning on Twitter

Follow Elizabeth Carr Ellis on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Check out her 50 Sense blog to read about women just like you.

Follow Clare Shepherd on Twitter and Facebook. Find out more about her Your New Life Plan nutrition clinic.

Here’s an open letter that Karen wrote for the 50 Sense: Dear Doctor: The Letter That Every Menopause GP Should Read.

Read this interview with Karen in The National: I Hope My Menopause Misery Will Help Others to Avoid the Worst.


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