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Managing Your Menopause After a Cancer Diagnosis: The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 14
Dr Carol Granger, Registered Nutrition Practitioner.

Do you ever feel left out of the menopause conversation? If you’re dealing with the menopause post-cancer it can be very frustrating when all the messaging in the media seems to revolve around HRT as the solution to all your symptoms. So in this episode, I’m focusing on the very specific diet and lifestyle steps you can take to manage your menopause if you’ve recently had cancer treatment, or are taking hormone suppressant medication, which means that you can’t take HRT, even if you wanted to.

Cancer nutrition is a highly specialised and complex area so I’ve brought in the big guns with my guest for this episode. I’m delighted to be joined by Dr Carol Granger. She’s a registered nutrition practitioner and microbiologist who works with people with a cancer diagnosis, before during and after treatment to complement their treatment and support resilience and recovery. She’s also an executive member of the British Society for Integrative Oncology and has published numerous research papers on nutrition and cancer.

Carol is a mine of useful information and shares her practical and expert advice on the do’s and don’ts of diet and lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis. We discuss the importance of the Mediterranean diet; why you need to follow a smart-fat rather than a low-fat diet; and why it’s important to apply caution with certain supplements.

This is an incredibly helpful episode for anyone looking to manage their health and wellbeing during and post-menopause after a cancer diagnosis.

Show Notes

Find out more about Carol’s nutrition clinic at Nutritionist Resource.

Check out Carol’s credentials and her numerous research papers at Orcid and ResearchGate.

Follow Carol on Twitter.

Book your place for my Guardian Masterclass webinar on Menopause Nutrition.


Dr Carol Granger is a registered nutrition practitioner and microbiologist. She has an honours degree in biochemistry and a Master’s in microbiology. She had two decades working in bioscience research, microbiological diagnostics and medical technology before a career change to nutritional therapy.

Carol’s doctorate in health sciences from the University of Westminster involved researching nutritional therapy practice for people affected by cancer. She has a particular interest in the human microbiome, the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on its composition, and its interactions with the processes of malignancy and immunity. She works with people with a cancer diagnosis, before during and after treatment to complement their treatment and support resilience and recovery.
Carol is Co-Chair of the Research Council for complementary Medicine (RCCM), and a director and executive committee member of the British Society for Integrative Oncology (BSIO).

She has an interest in inter-professional collaboration and integrative cancer care, and contributes to an National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) collaboration on nutrition for people affected by cancer, She also works with a leading charity that supports people living with and beyond cancer.

Carol has published research on several areas of biosciences including intravenous nutrition, human tissue banking and fluid separation technology in medicine. Her recent papers have explored professional regulation of complementary medicine and nutrition practice for people affected by cancer. She is a member of the Nutrition Society and the Microbiology Society, a chartered biologist and member of the Royal Society of Biology, a Fellow of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Carol also served for 10 years as Chair of the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC), the accreditation board for NT training.

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