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Travel, Adventure & the Midlife Woman – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 5 • Episode 14
Alice Morrison, Adventurer, Author & Broadcaster

Are you ready for an adventure? Midlife is a time when we can get itchy feet and want to explore new horizons, but sometimes niggling doubts and a lack of confidence can get in the way of that. So in this episode, I’m chatting to adventurer Alice Morrison, who’s just the woman we need to give us the encouragement to take that first big step.

Alice is an adventurer, TV presenter and author, who’s currently living in a little village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. I met her at The Travel Show earlier this year, where she was talking about her latest book Walking With Nomads and I knew straight away that I wanted to chat to her in more detail.

After a successful career in journalism, Alice decided it was time for a change and she embarked on a series of adventures in midlife which have transformed her life – she’s cycled across Africa; run across deserts, and trekked across Morocco, for starters. Alice knows exactly what it’s like to travel solo as a woman, so she’s just the person to help us get started on our own midlife adventures!

My conversation with Alice has definitely reawakened my travel bug, and I love how encouraging and matter of fact she is about it. She’s quite right – we just need to do it, and I hope you will!

Show Notes

Find out more about Alice and her adventures via her website:

You can also follow her on social media:

Twitter/X: aliceoutthere1

TikTok: aliceoutthere1

Instagram: aliceoutthere1

Facebook: Alice Hunter Morrison Adventures

YouTube: Alice Morrison

Listen to her podcast here: Alice in Wanderland

Alice is the author of 4 books. Her latest book, which was runner up for the prestigious Best Travel Book Award 2023,  Walking with Nomads, covers her trek across Morocco. Adventures in Morocco is an Amazon Travel bestseller and she is also the author of Dodging Elephants and Morocco to Timbuktu.


Alice Morrison is an adventurer, TV presenter and author, currently based in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. She is also an established journalist and speaker.

A Scot, she was brought up partially in Africa and went on to study Arabic and Turkish. She started her career in journalism at MBC and then worked at BBC TV in  Arabic and English news, rising to be Strand Editor in the BBC Newsroom. She left for the internet, to launch an ISP with six million users, and then built a £10 million p.a. creative development company, Vision and Media.

In mid-life she changed course. Her big adventures began when she cycled 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town on the Tour D’Afrique, the longest bike race on earth, coming 3rd woman. She swapped the rat race for a bike race, wrote a book about it and forged a new life as a successful adventurer.

She travelled from Tangier to Timbuktu for her BBC2 series in 2017, Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure, following the ancient salt routes to the fabled city.

Over a period of 7 ½ months she crossed Morocco and the Sahara from north to south, starting at the Mediterranean and ending at the border with Mauritania. She walked with six camels and 3 Amazigh guides. She became the first woman to walk the Draa river. During the expedition she investigated the effects of climate change on the peoples and environment of Morocco and along the way she discovered a lost city, explored the graves of the giants of the Draa and found ‘spaceships’ in the desert.

Other adventures include taking on the notorious Marathon des Sables, running round Everest and achieving another world first – the Atlas to Atlantic.


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