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Dealing With Vaginal Dryness – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 2 • Episode 15
Kathy Abernethy, Menopause Specialist

In this episode, I’m focusing on the Cinderella of the menopause. In recent years, we’ve become a bit more confident about discussing our menopause – some women will mention their hot flushes without turning a hair and the common mental health symptoms such as anxiety and mood swings have also started to come out of the closet, which is a great thing, but we’re still not quite ready to be open about the vaginal symptoms. So now we’re going to shine the spotlight on vaginal dryness which can be a huge issue for many women through the menopause and beyond. To help us, I’ve turned to one of the most clinically experienced menopause specialists in the UK.

Kathy Abernethy has been a leading light in the field of women’s health and the menopause for over 30 years which makes her the perfect person to advise us on this tricky topic. A registered British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist with extensive clinical experience, Kathy has consistently championed women’s health and transformed the lives of hundreds of women with her clinical advice and support. There is no better person to give us the lowdown on how to manage vaginal dryness, so tune in to find out what she’s got to say.

We discuss moisturisers & lubricants, and why and how to use them. Kathy explains exactly why vaginal scrubs are best avoided, and she’s reassuring and insightful on the subject of locally applied oestrogen. We also talk about the long-term importance of caring for the vagina to avoid the knock-on problems of bladder and urinary tract infections, which are common ongoing issues for women post-menopause. Throw in a bit of nutrition advice from me and you’ve got an all-round approach to managing vaginal health in this podcast!

Kathy leads a busy multidisciplinary NHS menopause clinic in London, as well as her own private clinic in southwest London. She is also the director of menopause services at Peppy Health, a digital health company, former chair of the British Menopause Society and the author of “Menopause: The One Stop Guide”.

She’s full of so much brilliant, expert advice in this episode that I think you’ll feel much more confident about tackling any issues you might have around vaginal dryness, so that you can get the support that you need. Isn’t it time to give your vagina a bit of love?

Show Notes

Find out more about Kathy and the work that she does by visiting her website, where you can book in for a private consultation

Check out Kathy’s book: Menopause – The One-Stop Guide

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

Visit Peppy Health for Employee Health support

Contribute here to the Department of Health Women’s Health Strategy that Kathy mentioned

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