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The Art of Running for the Midlife Woman – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 4 • Episode 1
Sam Palmer, Award-Winning Women's Health & Fitness Coach

Can’t run, won’t run? Listen to this episode before you write yourself off!

It’s September and with the whole post-holiday vibe it’s often a good time be thinking about a new fitness regime. With that in mind, I’ve decided to kick off Season 4 with an episode on running. If it’s not something you’ve tried before or thought you’d never do in a million years (that was me until Hello Lockdown!) this is the podcast for you, because I’m speaking to a specialist women’s running coach who knows exactly how to help us get started and how to do it in a way that suits our midlife body.

I’m delighted to welcome Sam Palmer to the podcast to share her expertise. This is a woman with a lot of get up and go, who’s reinvented herself multiple times and used the knowledge from each incarnation to help her develop the next one. She started out as a nurse in neonatal intensive care; retrained as a teacher after becoming a mother; set up her own first aid training business and then retrained again as a running coach, specialising in supporting women in their first steps at becoming a runner. All of this expertise combined when she launched her Midlife Makeover coaching programmes to support women with simple lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

We discuss all aspects of running – how to get started if you’re a newbie and how to pick up again if you’ve taken a break. We look at the tangible health benefits and the surprising fringe benefits you can experience. Sam advises on the practical aspects of kitting yourself out and is full of good advice on how to look after yourself and reduce the risk of injury.

Sam is so positive and encouraging. I think the big takeaway from this episode is not to rule yourself out of anything. And never say never

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Show Notes

Find out more about Sam and her coaching programmes via her Midlife Makeover website.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Try out her FREE menopause-specific 1-hour fitness class.

Visit England Athletics to find your local running club.

Check out the Coach to 5K App via Apple or Google Play Store.

Discover your local Park Run, which is free and for everyone.

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