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Healthy Cooking for the Menopause – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Season 5 • Episode 4
Fiona StauntonChef & Educator

We all know that cooking with fresh ingredients can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing, but that can be easier said than done when you’re juggling the demands of a busy life. And if you’re not especially confident in the kitchen, it can seem very daunting to start cooking from scratch if you’re worn out after a busy day. But help is at hand in this episode, as I’m joined by the brilliant chef Fiona Staunton who’s made it her mission to make cooking good food uncomplicated, quick and easy.

Fiona is a Ballymaloe-trained chef and the founder of Fiona’s Food For Life, which specialises in in-person and virtual cooking demonstrations to create healthy treats and to take the hassle out of home-cooked meals for the whole family. She’s full of fantastic practical tips to make our lives easier and our meals more delicious.

We discuss the barriers to cooking healthy food and how to overcome them, especially if you lack confidence in the kitchen. We also explore the key foods that can play a part in managing menopause symptoms and Fiona shares some of her mouthwatering and menopause-friendly recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I promise you that you’ll feel inspired to get into the kitchen and start cooking straight away, once you’ve listened to what Fiona has to say!

Show Notes

Find out more about Fiona and the work that she does by visiting her website.

Sign up for her 6-week menopause cooking course which starts on 11th October.

Download her weekly planner and shopping list template.

Follow Fiona on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X and discover her recipes on You Tube.

Tune into her Cook Eat Nourish Podcast.


Fiona Staunton is a Ballymaloe-trained Chef and has a Degree in Education from Trinity.  She makes cooking good food uncomplicated through real time cookery demonstrations.

Fiona’s Food For Life’ launched in 2017 with the slogan ‘Cook, Eat, Nourish’. Fiona launched a series of in-person and virtual demonstrations to create healthy treats and to take the hassle out of home-cooked meals for the whole family.

Since her diagnosis of Breast Cancer and induced menopause at age 45 she has focused on cooking for menopause and preventing symptoms through food.  Her 6 week menopause cooking programme has been highlighted in media including on the BBC World Service The food Chain Programme.

Fiona is also a judge for the Irish Quality Food Awards. She has written articles for magazines, presented on TV cookery slots, radio programmes & podcasts. ‘Fiona’s Food for Life’ also hosts the Podcast ‘Cook Eat Nourish’ where she interviews key researchers and professionals in the world of food and diet. Guests include Darina Allen, Rory O’Connell, Caroline Gray, and nutritional therapists.

Previously, she worked as a chef at Ballymaloe House,  started her own successful catering business in Dublin in the late 1990s, catering for Private and Corporate functions.

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