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Pelvic Roar – The Happy Menopause Book Review

October 14, 2020

"The Happy Menopause is a positive, refreshing and practical look at how women can use nutrition to support menopause and avoid some of the pitfalls associated with it. It has a focus on providing simple, interesting and helpful advice that is easy to follow". Read the full review by READ MORE

The Menopause Minute – 60 Seconds on Magnesium

Magnificent magnesium is every menopausal woman's best friend because of the role it plays in helping to calm the nervous system, regulate the body's response to stress and support your flagging energy levels. Find out more about this marvellous mineral and how you add it to your diet in my [WATCH VIDEO]

The Menopause Minute – 60 Seconds on Vitamin D

This video is all about Vitamin D which is a one-stop shop to great physical and mental health! 🌞 Find out why you should be topping up with Vitamin D to keep your bones, brain and immune system in great shape. Check out my other Menopause Minute videos for a 60-second [WATCH VIDEO]

The Menopause Minute – 60 Seconds on Iron

If you feel constantly tired and weak, have frequent headaches, a sore tongue, dizziness, palpitations or thinning hair, tune in to find out how iron deficiency could be part of the picture and what to do about it. Check out my other Menopause Minute videos for a 60-second nugget of practical [WATCH VIDEO]

The Menopause Minute: 60 Seconds on Vitamin B12

Feeling tired, foggy or forgetful? Check out your vitamin B12 levels. Vital for memory function, energy and mood, a deficiency in is a common cause of brain fog, poor concentration, low mood and fatigue. Make sure that low levels aren't playing a part in your menopause symptoms. Find out more in [WATCH VIDEO]