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Nutrition Made Easy For Busy People

The Art of Restorative Sleep – The Happy Menopause Podcast

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? We all know that we’re better for it, but it can be extremely elusive, especially in midlife where a combination of the hormonal surges that often trigger night sweats and the stresses and strains of daily life can make READ MORE

52 Ways to Walk Your Way to Health – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Walking is something that’s accessible to almost all of us and it can be a much less daunting prospect to the harassed midlife woman than high impact work, running or intense training. What’s wonderful about the research we discuss in this episode is that walking isn’t a second-best option if READ MORE

Hot Flushes & How to Manage Them – The Happy Menopause Podcast

Probably the most well-known of the menopausal symptoms, the hot flush has provided endless material for humourists over the years but it’s no fun when it’s happening to you. It can cause huge distress, especially in a professional or social situation or if it’s persistently disrupting your sleep. But help READ MORE