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Nutrition Made Easy For Busy People

Programmes & Prices

It’s not always easy to establish a new dietary habit so I’m here to help you throughout the process so that you can make the changes you need to achieve your health goals.

The WellWellWell Classic, Wellness and Executive programmes are carefully designed to support you with personalised and flexible nutritional support over a 12-week period so that your new lifestyle gets the best possible start.

Prices start from £399. An easy payment plan is available.

If you’re not sure which programme’s right for you it might be helpful to consider how much active support and motivation you think you might need. Contact me  to arrange a free 20-minute telephone assessment to discuss your health goal and help you decide whether a WellWellWell nutrition programme is right for you.

The Classic Programme

This programme will suit people who want to overhaul their diet, keep in shape or boost energy levels. It’s ideal for people who want to eat a healthy diet but who need some practical help to fit it into a busy lifestyle.

It includes:

The Wellness Programme

This programme includes double the amount of contact time of the Classic Programme and is designed for people struggling with a niggling health problem or who need more structured support to change their lifestyle. It’s the ideal way to achieve your health goals in a supportive environment.

 It includes:

The Executive Programme

This is the most personalised and flexible of the three programmes, providing creative practical support in a medium to suit your busy schedule. It’s ideal for super-busy people who are time-poor and who would benefit from expert nutritional advice combined with personalised coaching support.

It includes:

Maintenance Programmes

Personalised maintenance programmes are available once your initial programme has been completed. Prices start from £299 and will vary according to the level of support required.

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