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Sandwich, Soup or Salad? – Lunchtime Picks and Pitfalls

The autumn menus are here, so it’s time for my annual review of the lunch options from some of the more popular outlets. If the dreaded mid-afternoon slump is a familiar scenario, then making sure that you choose the right lunch is incredibly important. Here are three top tips to ensure READ MORE

Green Leafy Vegetables – Anti-Wrinkle Cream for the Brain

If you spend a fortune on various anti-ageing skin products, then spare a thought for your brain, as a much smaller financial investment can pay dividends. Recent research has revealed that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables helps to keep your brain young by slowing cognitive decline. The Mind Diet The READ MORE

Food For Thought – Brilliant Brands

If you’re looking for tasty and healthy alternatives to popular products, such as low-sugar, free-from or just all-round healthier options, then look no further. These are six of my favourite brands which offer proof positive that it’s possible for healthy products to also be quick, easy and truly delicious. Read READ MORE

Soup-er Food

Satisfying, immune-boosting, cold-curing and weight-reducing – the humble bowl of soup is currently enjoying a renaissance. While juicing may have been the big thing in 2014, it's time for soup to take centre stage: recent research has shown that there’s more to soup than READ MORE

Cereal Killers

Do you tuck into a hefty bowl of cereal every morning, secure in the knowledge that it’s a much healthier option than a bacon sandwich or a full English? If so, it might be time to think again, because most commercial cereals are absolutely full of sugar. There READ MORE

Sandwich, Soup or Salad? A Guide to London Lunching

Choosing the wrong lunch can have a direct impact on your waistline and your energy levels, laying you open to the dreaded mid-afternoon slump that usually has you reaching for biscuits or chocolate in the office. Here’s our latest guide to healthy London lunching at some of the most popular READ MORE

The Breakfast Blog

Are you bewildered by breakfast? We all know that it’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but there are so many pitfalls and so much contradictory advice that it’s often not easy to know what the best choices might be. Here are a few READ MORE

Wave Goodbye to the Winter Blues

February is often a gloomy month and it can be hard to keep up your spirits, but changing the balance of the foods we eat can have a dramatic impact on our mood and motivation. The network of nutrition in our bodies is highly intricate, and too much or too little of READ MORE