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Nutrition Made Easy For Busy People

Foods to Fight the Flu

With cold and flu season upon us, here are four tips to help you keep fighting fit throughout the winter. 1. Vegetables are vital If you normally tuck into an orange at the first hint of a sore throat, it could be time to think again. Adding a red pepper to your READ MORE

How to Keep Calm and Cheer Up

If the recent political and economic turmoil, disappointment over the football or simply the endless series of chilly, wet days have been getting you down, it could be time to take a nutritional approach to managing your mood. Activating the body’s natural cheering and calming systems is likely to make READ MORE

Brain Food – Boosting Mood, Memory and Motivation

With exam season looming, this is a good time for a mental health check so that you can maximise your motivation, concentration and focus.  There’s no doubt that the right diet can have a major impact on our brain and its performance, but which are the best foods to focus READ MORE

Avoiding Those Valentine Vices

Jackie Lynch, author of The Right Bite, suggests some smart food and drink swaps to keep you on the straight and narrow in February. This blog originally featured on Nourish Books website: http://www.nourishbooks.com/blog/. When the shops start to feature large displays of pink champagne and mountains of foil-wrapped chocolate hearts, it READ MORE

Sandwich, Soup or Salad? – Lunchtime Picks and Pitfalls

The autumn menus are here, so it’s time for my annual review of the lunch options from some of the more popular outlets. If the dreaded mid-afternoon slump is a familiar scenario, then making sure that you choose the right lunch is incredibly important. Here are three top tips to ensure READ MORE

Green Leafy Vegetables – Anti-Wrinkle Cream for the Brain

If you spend a fortune on various anti-ageing skin products, then spare a thought for your brain, as a much smaller financial investment can pay dividends. Recent research has revealed that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables helps to keep your brain young by slowing cognitive decline. The Mind Diet The READ MORE

Food For Thought – Brilliant Brands

If you’re looking for tasty and healthy alternatives to popular products, such as low-sugar, free-from or just all-round healthier options, then look no further. These are six of my favourite brands which offer proof positive that it’s possible for healthy products to also be quick, easy and truly delicious. Read READ MORE